Somass Estuary

The trail to the Somasss Estuary begins on the bank of the Somass River. It by-passes privately owned poplar lands until it reaches a gate which marks the boundary of the conservation property owned by Ducks Unlimited. At this point, the trail turns inland, following an old berm with views across the fields and a large tidal marsh. It ends at the water pipeline which runs from Sproat Lake to the Catalyst Papermill on the opposite side of the river.

The Somass Estuary is a nature reserve; please do everything in your power to avoid undue disturbance of birds including keepings dogs under control. Bird watching is best in the winter when the estuary serves as a major wintering area for ducks, and in the spring when many neotropical migrants pass through.

Interestingly, parts of the Ducks Unlimited lands are still used to raise hay. This continues a farming tradition on this Vancouver Island estuary which dates back to 1850 when Charles Taylor established the first farm in the Alberni Valley.

2 hours round trip (3.8 km)
Vehicle Access: 
Elevation Gain: 
Trailhead Coordinates: 
N 49°15'48.6896" W -124°50'27.8097"
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UPDATE - The BC Wildfire Service has declared a ban on all Category 2 fires.  This means anything larger than a campfire (0.5 meters wide and 0.5 meters high) is presently prohibited. The forest is extra dry this spring so please be very careful!

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