The Wildlife

In the Valley of Trails you can easily find a hiking trail in the deep woods far away from other people. But you are never truly alone. The coastal rainforests of Vancouver Island are among the most biodiverse habitats in Canada. Consider this: Two-thirds of the mammal species and subspecies that are found only in British Columbia occur nowhere else in the province but the coast.

Vancouver Island Wildlife

The forests include an amazing variety of giant trees, plants, fungus, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. The big game animals include deer, Roosevelt elk, black bears, wolves, and cougars. As a visitor to the valley of trails you have a very good chance of seeing the first three, but you will need to be incredibly lucky to catch even a fleeting glimpse of our island wolves and cougar. Despite having the largest concentration of cougars in the world, resident of the Alberni Valley sometime go a lifetime without spotting these shy creatures.   

The waters of Vancouver Island are even more biodiverse with over 7,000 known lifeforms. The biggest are the grey whales, humpback wales, orca, sea lions, seals, six gill sharks, giant pacific octopus, and wolf eels. Vancouver Island also welcomes over 200 varieties of migratory birds.       

It is the combination of stunning and diverse landscapes, and the potential for life affirming wildlife encounters, that makes the Valley of Trails a world class destination. If your time in the Valley of Trails did not fill your appetite for encounters with the furred and feathered, you can always visit the nearby Wildlife Recovery Centre