Adventures by Water

The abundance of water on Vancouver Island is truly spectacular, and the Valley of Trails is no exception. The landscape is covered in water: from raging rivers to meandering creeks; lakes both large and small; and of course the salt water Alberni Inlet leading to Barkley Sound and the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, there is a plethora of water activities for the outdoor adventure seeker in Vancouver Island’s Valley of Trails.



The Alberni Valley has long been known as the Salmon Capital of the World, a title also claimed by others. When the World Fishing Network declared Port Alberni the Canada’s Ultimate Fishing Town in 2010, the Salmon Capital of the World title was solidified as was the Alberni Valley’s amazing fresh water fishing.

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Vancouver Island enjoys some of the best kayaking in the world, and the Valley of Trails is no exception. Launch your craft into the Alberni Inlet, or make a trip to some of the most breathtaking sea kayaking in the world in the Broken Group. If you prefer freshwater kayaking, you’ll want to make sure to check out Great Central Lake and Sproat Lake.



Stand-up paddleboarding is a Valley of Trails water activity that is quickly growing in popularity. Glide calmly through the waters on a board with a paddle to guide you on your journey. The Alberni Inlet, Sproat Lake, and Great Central Lake are all popular Vancouver Island paddleboarding spots.

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There is nothing quite like gliding over the surface of a lake at high speed! If you love waterskiing and wakeboarding, the Valley of Trails has you covered. Sproat Lake and Great Central Lake are two of Vancouver Island’s largest and warmest lakes. You’ll find plenty of space and warm weather to ski here.

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The Valley of Trails is blessed with not one, but two of Vancouver Island premier warm water lakes. The waters of Sproat Lake and Great Central Lake are both clear and warm, making for some of the most enjoyable summer swimming on the planet.


Scuba Diving

Vancouver Island is a world destination for dry suite scuba diving. Giant Pacific Octopus, Six Gill Sharks, and Sea Lions are some of the big ticket attractions.  The Valley of Trails is lucky to have one of the only artificial reefs (sunken ship) in the world that is accessible by land.  Next to the wreck is a popular wall diving. Never to be forgotten, Barkley Sound offers some of the very best shipwreck, and natural contour diving on the planet.   

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Though not a well-developed sport in the Valley of Trails, rafting should not be forgotten. The upper Stamp River enjoys some nice rapids that locals have forever shot on inner tubes. Before you take a run at the Stamp, make sure to do your homework, you certainly wouldn’t want to go over Stamp Falls in a raft!