Adventures by Land

The Valley of Trails has the most diverse landscape on Vancouver Island. There are flat open river plains, sheer rock faces, and everything in between. This divers terrain combined with year-round outdoor weather, has given rise to a whole host of outdoor adventures by land, including hiking, biking, ATVing, motocross, horseback riding, climbing, caving, and golfing.   



The Alberni Valley is not only famous for its hiking trails; the area also offers excellent mountain biking circuits, which includes a number of highly technical routes. Explore our trail guide to discover great mountain biking trails.

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Ozzie’s Cycle for bike sales and repairs
Alien Sports for bike rentals and repairs



It’s almost like the valley of trails was built for ATVing! From rugged mountain tops to deep valleys with pristine lakes & rivers, it truly is an outdoor paradise! The backroad and ATV trails in the Valley of Trails offer some of the most scenic and exciting terrain in the world.  

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West Coast Edge ATV Adventures



Motocross offers thrills, excitement, speed, strategy and endurance, all presented in the natural panorama of Vancouver Island. Motocross riders are endurance athletes in the truest sense of the word. If this sport appeals to you, you may have found the perfect home in the Valley of Trails.

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Alberni Motocross Association


Horseback Riding

There are very few activities in the world that bring us back to the core of our nature as humans like horseback riding. No engines, no distractions - simply you, and the animal. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. When everything is put together, and you reach a level of success, being on top of your horse is one of the most freeing feelings in the world. One thing is for sure, there is nowhere in the world better to find this freedom, that the Valley of Trails.

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Wes Brooke Equestrian



We’re all climbers. Let’s face it, before we could talk, before we could tie out own shoes, we knew we wanted to climb. Somewhere along the way, we found responsibility and some of us may have suppressed the urge, but it’s still there under the surface.  We are the apex primate on this planet, and we want to climb! It is almost as if the Valley of Trails was created just for us. It’s right there in the name – valley. Valley means mountains, mountains mean rocks, and rocks mean climbing.

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Alberni Outdoor Club
Sutton Creek Boulders 



There is something about a dark hole in the ground that leads to another realm that fascinates the human mind. Maybe it is because we can imagine our ancestors huddling for warmth in caves thousands of years ago, or maybe it is simply the alien environment, whatever the reason some of us are drawn to these caves. The Alberni Valley has extensive Karst topography making it a hotspot for caving. These fragile, and dangerous environments, must be treated with respect. Comprehensive training is a must if you want to explore the underworld.

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Karst in Alberni 
Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group 



For many golf is more than a game, it is a habit, an addiction that takes precedence over work and friends. It is the perpetual quest for improvement, with the underlying knowledge that perfection is unattainable.  It is a great game to play alone or with a group. If you love golf, the Alberni Valley has you covered with two golf courses to suite a variety of style and experience. The Alberni Golf Club is an 18-hole PGA course at the foot of the Beaufort Mountains. The nine-hole Hollies Executive Golf Course is great for the more casual golfer.

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Alberni Golf Club 
Hollies Executive Golf Course